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NewsPaper WordPress Theme Review | MoneyWP

If you publish heaps of content on your WordPress website, a WordPress NewsPaper theme could be a nice option to facilitate guests discover all of your content.

When it involves WordPress NewsPaper themes, there’s one name that stands out – Newspaper.

With over 93k sales at ThemeForest, Newspaper is one of all the foremost common WordPress NewsPaper themes of all time by tagDiv. In fact, it’s one of all the foremost common WordPress themes, amount – you don’t even want the “NewsPaper” qualifier.

In this Newspaper theme review, I’ll take a active consider this common theme to assist you choose whether or not it’s the correct theme for your WordPress website.

I will cowl its key options and templates
Show you the way the Newspaper theme works on a live web site
Run some performance tests to present you a plan of however quickly your website can load with Newspaper

I’ll cowl a number of the foremost vital options in additional detail shortly, however let’s come out with simply a fast list of all the options that you just get with the Newspaper theme:

Optimized performance – around two.2 second load times for a full demo website in my very own performance tests.
90+ importable demo sites – make a choice from commerce demo content or simply demo theme settings.
Visual, drag-and-drop style – customize demo website templates and build your own styles mistreatment the bundled tagDiv musician page builder for the frontend.
1,000+ importable section templates – select from over one,000 article and page templates to import to the tagDiv musician.
Header/footer builder – style your own custom headers or footers.
Mobile-friendly – you get responsive style, Google AMP support, further as a bundled (and optional) mobile theme plugin.
Integrations – Newspaper integrates with WooCommerce, Instagram, bbPress, BuddyPress, and more.
Built-in banner ad spots – simply insert AdSense or different banner ads on your website. you’ll be able to additionally embrace your own ad placements with the tagDiv musician.
Who is that the Newspaper Theme For?
A WordPress NewsPaper theme like a Newspaper makes a good choice for bloggers, news organizations, media publications, or anyone else World Health Organization publishes heaps of content.

Basically, NewsPaper themes assist you showcase massive amounts of content, with additional choices to feature bound content or classes.

For example, within the default demo website style, you’ll be able to see however you’ll be able to use massive pictures to feature your most significant posts. Then, guests also can filtrate specific classes of posts within the smaller section below that:

Additionally, note however guests square measure able to see numerous posts from the front page, that isn’t the case with a traditional journal theme that simply “lists” the most recent posts vertically.

Because NewsPaper themes square measure designed for bloggers and publishers, they additionally typically embrace inherent banner ad spots, that is true for Newspaper.

Basically, if your focus is on obtaining eyeballs on content that you just often publish, Newspaper WP theme is made for you.

On the opposite hand, if you would like to make additional of a static web site, sort of a business booklet website or a portfolio, then Newspaper is perhaps not the correct theme for you.

Newspaper Theme evaluation
Newspaper theme is fitly priced and prices solely $59. The theme additionally comes with vi months of support, that is sweet enough for anyone to induce support for fixing the theme on their WordPress website.

The theme gets constant updates, that ensures you’re mistreatment the most recent theme codes on your web site.

Moving on top wordpress themes

Exploring Newspaper Theme Demo Sites
To help you quickly get your WordPress web site up and running, Newspaper theme comes with a large amount of pre-built importable demo sites for common blogging and news niches.

In total, you get access to 90+ importable demo sites, thus I can’t feature each single demo website. of these 90+ demo sites, concerning 30+ square measure “PRO” demo sites, that square measure higher optimized for performance.

However, i’ll single out many of the styles to present you a grieve however Newspaper appearance.

You already saw the “Classic” Newspaper style on top of.

If you would like to start out a gossip journal, instead, you’ll be able to use the Gossip template:

Overall, Newspaper provides importable demo sites for a broad vary of niches and use cases, that makes it terribly versatile and extremely customizable.

In addition to the total website demos, Newspaper additionally comes with its own cloud guide library that enables you to select from one,000+ page and block templates. You’ll see this in additional detail shortly.

Getting Started with Newspaper Theme: The Setup Guide
To help you perceive what it’s wish to work with the Newspaper theme, I’ve put in it on my very own check website and I’ll show you the way to line it up.

Installing the specified Plugins
Once you activate the theme, you’ll be prompted to put in some companion plugins to access all of the features:

All you would like to try to to is click a button – it’s quite easy.

In addition to the plugins that it mechanically installs, you furthermore mght get access to another bundled plugins which will assist you originated Associate in Nursing email account opt-in and improve your site’s mobile expertise with AMP support (Accelerated Mobile Pages):

Importing a Demo website
For the quickest thanks to start with account, you’ll most likely need to import one in all the 90+ demo sites.

To do so, you’ll be able to head to the Install demos tab:

When you import a demo website, you’ve got 2 choices. You can…

Import the total demo website together with all of the content. Basically, your {site|website|web website} can look precisely just like the demo site (even together with the demo journal posts).
Import the demo website styling, however not any of the content. You’ll ought to fill out your own content, however the essential style of your {site|website|web website} can match the demo site.

For the needs of this review, i’ll like better to import the demo content further.

Once you click Install next to the demo website that you just need to import, you’ll get a prompt to verify your choice:

And that’s it! Newspaper can handle everything else for you.

After commerce the total demo website, you’ll be able to see however my check {site|website|web website} appearance precisely just like the demo site on the developer’s website:

How To customise Newspaper Theme Settings
To any customise the theme, you get an in depth theme panel.

Newspaper doesn’t use the native period WordPress Customizer, that isn’t ideal as a result of it suggests that you don’t get a period preview as you create changes. you are doing get access to the visual drag-and-drop tagDiv musician, though, thus this isn’t a giant criticism. i’ll show you this in additional detail presently.

In the theme panel, you get access to a large amount of various configuration options:

Beyond configuring however the theme appearance, this space additionally includes some helpful tools.

For example, it includes its own tool to assist you add trailing scripts or different JavaScript, just like the Google Analytics trailing script.

For some of those settings, like dominant your header and footer, you’ve got the choice to decide on a guide from the Cloud guide Library, thus i believe we must always cowl that next…

Using Cloud Templates
The Cloud Templates library could be a assortment of one,000+ templates that you just will mix-and-match to style your website.

Basically, these templates square measure for a particular a part of a page/theme. as an example, you’ll be able to realize templates for your header, footer, search page, journal post style, etc.

If you import a demo website, it’ll mechanically add its necessary templates. however you’ll be able to additionally create your own decisions and mix-and-match the various templates to customise your website.

When you head to import a brand new guide, you’ll be able to search the templates by keyword or use the filters to seek out templates for specific uses (like your header);

You’ll then be able to customise all of the templates that you just import mistreatment the tagDiv Composer…

Editing Content With tagDiv musician
Finally, to any management the look of your website, you get access to the tagDiv musician, that could be a visual drag-and-drop page builder.

With this builder, you’ll be able to customise the cloud templates that you just foreign or build your own styles from scratch.

You’ll get access to Associate in Nursing array of building modules on the left:

You can add those modules to your style mistreatment drag-and-drop. you’ll be able to additionally use drag-and-drop to arrange existing modules.

Then, if you click on a particular module, you’ll be able to customise its style and content within the sidebar.

For example, if you edit the module that displays your recent posts, you’ll be able to like better to filtrate specific posts by class, tag, author, and more:

Newspaper Theme Performance Tests
To understand however Newspaper performs in a very real-world state of affairs, I foreign the total Classic Newspaper demo to my check website. I additionally originated basic page caching, that i believe could be a must-have for each WordPress website.

Then, I used WebPageTest to run 9 separate performance tests and take the median value:

In these performance results, you’ll be able to see that the median load time for the 9 separate tests is two.229 seconds, that is well at intervals the 2-3 second margin that almost all folks suggest. to boot, it had forty six protocol requests for the total demo website and was only one.465 MB.

For the quantity of pictures on the demo website homepage, those results square measure quite respectable.

Overall, whereas you’ll be able to realize quicker WordPress themes, like GeneratePress, Newspaper remains solid from a performance perspective and might set you up with a fully-built website that may load in underneath 3 seconds.

Newspaper is one in all the popular WordPress NewsPaper themes of all time, therefore the numbers represent themselves.

The latest version – Newspaper ten – is way additional performance-friendly than previous versions, that could be a massive profit. Again, the median page load time in my tests was ~2.2 seconds for a fully-built demo website, that is kind of smart given what percentage pictures the demo website contains.

You also get heaps of flexibility, with over ninety demo sites, 1,000 importable templates, and also the visual drag-and-drop tagDiv musician.

All in all, if you publish heaps of content and square measure on the rummage around for a WordPress NewsPaper theme, you ought to undoubtedly take into account Newspaper for your web site.

If you’re an Associate in Nursing existing Newspaper theme user, i’d like to hear your opinion and review of the theme and support? If you’d wish to share exciting tips and concepts for our readers, be happy to share within the comment section below.

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