Divi WordPress Theme Review | The Ultimate Theme

Divi WordPress Theme Review | The Ultimate Theme

Divi is that the flagship theme from Elegant Themes and it’s additionally one of all the foremost widespread WordPress themes out there these days. As it’s a utile theme, it had been created to be appropriate for any sort of web site you would possibly wish to make with WordPress.

Over the years, Divi has been frequently updated and improved. The theme currently includes a robust drag-and-drop page builder tool, many web site templates, and innumerable customization choices and settings yet as a couple of different helpful options. It’s competitively priced, too.

Divi positively appearance smart on paper, however, is it the proper theme for your WordPress website? That’s the question we’ll assist you to answer during this Divi review.

By exploring the options and user expertise of this theme, you’ll be able to build an associate degree hip to call on whether or not Divi is that the best option for your project.

Let’s start.

As mentioned, Divi has been created by the Elegant Themes team and is their flagship product. Divi was 1st launched in 2013 however has been perpetually updated, refined, and improved to stay a competitive possibility within the utile WordPress themes class.

There is truly a Divi plugin out there too, which is formally referred to as Divi Builder and is additionally out there from the Elegant Themes team. Here is the list of Top WordPress Themes This plugin allows you to feature the page builder of the Divi theme to any WordPress web site, no matter that theme you’re mistreatment. For this Divi review, though, we’re evaluating the WordPress theme instead of the plugin.

However, if you wish what you see during this review, however square measure already employing a theme that you’re proud of, you’ll be able to gain access to most of the spectacular options of Divi we’re on the point of exploring, like the content templates, page builder, and split testing tool, just by putting in the Divi Builder plugin.

We’ll cowl the rating choices of Divi at the top of this review. However, it’s value mentioning that the Divi theme and therefore the Divi plugin — to not mention another helpful merchandise — return as a package, therefore you don’t get to make a choice from one or the opposite. Instead, for a comparatively low value, you get access to any or all of the Elegant Themes merchandise to be used on an infinite variety of internet sites.

Hopefully, that clears up a number of the common questions about the various versions of Divi, therefore currently let’s ascertain however smart (or bad) this theme very is!

While this Divi review explores the most options of this theme in enough detail to assist you to choose if is true for you, here’s a quick summary of a number of the highlights to grant you a fast indication of whether or not or not this is often the sort of theme you’re wanting for:

Large library of high-quality templates: Divi comes with many editable templates for all kinds of internet sites.
Powerful content editor: the Divi Builder tool is one of all the foremost feature-rich drag-and-drop content editors for WordPress.
Split testing content optimization tool: the Divi Leads feature offers you the flexibility to optimize your content for the best conversion rates potential by running A/B tests.
Comes with further themes and plugins: all purchases of Divi go with the additional theme and a couple of helpful WordPress plugins.
As you’ll be able to see, if you decide on Divi, you get access to an enormous and growing choice of pre-built page templates, a robust visual content editor, and a few different helpful options to assist you to make sure that your content not solely appearance nice however helps you succeed your business goals.

Now, let’s explore those options and a lot of, to indicate to you precisely what you get for your cash if you get Divi.

The Best options for Divi
This is positively a feature-packed WordPress theme, therefore to stay things an elliptic as potential, here’s an in-depth check out the foremost vital options of Divi.

High-Quality Content Templates
The two main highlights of Divi square measure arguably its guide library and therefore the page builder tool. If you would like to make a custom WordPress website style from scratch then the Divi Builder tool is of most interest to you. However, for everybody else, the pre-designed content templates can play an oversized half in whether or not or not you decide on this theme for your web site.
If you are doing with some facilitate with making your new web site, then you’ll be happy to understand that Divi most likely has the most important choice of high-quality page templates out of any WordPress theme out there these days.

These templates cowl a large vary of comes, from business websites to yoga studios and eCommerce stores to learning management systems.

There very may be a set of templates for nearly every sort of project, therefore no matter web site you would like to make, it’s value taking a glance at the Divi layouts to visualize what’s out there.
While some themes offer you with a library of individual templates, Divi comes with layout packs that are designed for a selected sort of web site. These packs usually embody homepage, about, contact, and landing page templates, supplying you with a fast thanks to beginning your new web site with all the content you would possibly want.

You don’t get to follow one layout pack, though. With Divi, you’re unengaged to decide and opt for any guide you would like to use on your web site, from any of the out there layout packs.

The layouts square measure all editable, too, creating them ideal to be used because the place to begin for your own custom styles. instead, you’ll be able to use them as they’re and simply amendment the text and pictures wherever necessary via the content editor.

When it involves creating changes to the templates or making new content styles from scratch, this work takes place within the Divi Builder. This tool has been updated again and again over the years and is currently one of all the foremost powerful and spectacular page builders out there for WordPress.

Some of the key options of the Divi Builder include:

WYSIWYG visual editor for making custom page styles.
Ability to make custom theme templates.
A helpful choice of content modules.
Ability to make reusable sections to be used throughout your web site.
Wireframe mode for providing a transparent summary of page structure.
History panel for undoing and redoing actions.
Range of viewports for previewing content on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
Plus tons more…
The Divi Builder uses rows and columns to assist you to build your page layouts. you’ll be able to then insert a large vary of helpful modules into your layouts, together with call-to-action buttons, sliders, and video players, to call simply a couple of. All of those modules are often made-to-order to confirm they work along with your web site style and have the proper look for your project.

Anything you produce within the Divi Builder is often saved to be used throughout your web site via the worldwide modules feature. This includes any modules that you simply edit or customize. once making reusable assets, you’ll be able to management however they’re updated, together with making dynamic assets that enable you to update all instances at the bit of a button.

Divi is extremely transportable too, creating it simple to transfer your layouts and different assets between WordPress websites. If you intend to make multiple websites with Divi, it’s some nice time-saving options that will facilitate build your progress a lot of economical.

Ease of Use
All this new practicality, power, and artistic freedom do go with a value although, and that’s the comparatively steep learning curve of mastering the new program. though it’s not badly enforced in any manner, the Divi Builder user expertise is incredibly totally different from the default WordPress one. thanks to this, you may have to be compelled to learn a brand new manner of operating if you would like to urge the foremost from the page builder.

This is to be expected although, as you currently have such a big amount of new options at your fingertips. However, it’s value mentioning this, as you would possibly not be able to do everything you would like to within the Divi Builder while not 1st defrayal your time familiarising yourself with the new interface.

Full inventive management
All aspects of your content are often made-to-order through the Divi Builder interface, supplying you with full management over the planning of your posts and pages. However, when a recent update, the recently more Theme Builder tool offers you full management over the opposite components of your web site, too.

Divi Theme Builder
Most WordPress themes that embody page builders offer you the flexibility to make a custom post and page styles. However, they don’t typically enable you to customize the opposite components of your web site, like the header, footer, and theme templates.

In the past, that was true of Divi, however, because of a recent update, you’re now not forced to only the content areas. currently, you’ll be able to customize all aspects of your WordPress web site via the Theme Builder feature.

The Theme Builder may be a very spectacular feature of Divi. Not solely will it allow you to style distinctive headers and footers for your website however you’ll be able to additionally produce custom templates for your weblog posts, portfolio things, eCommerce merchandise, 404 error pages, and far a lot of.

Build distinctive weblog Post and Archive Templates
Thanks to the guide support, the page on your web site that displays your latest weblog posts are often made-to-order with the Divi Theme Builder.

As well as making a custom layout, you’ll be able to opt for what content from every weblog post is displayed, like the title, featured image, author, date, and more. Not solely that however you’ll be able to produce multiple templates for displaying your weblog posts so management once all is employed.

Through the guide settings, you’ll be able to outline precisely once every one of your styles is employed. for instance, you’ll produce a guide that’s solely used for web log posts from a precise class or a layout only for specific pages.

Divi Leads optimization Tool
To ensure that your custom content styles not solely look smart however square measure optimized to assist you to succeed in your business goals, Divi comes with a split-testing tool. albeit this feature is rare among WordPress themes, it’s terribly helpful and amazingly simple to use.

If you would like to search out out that version of your page gets the most effective response from your audience, it solely takes a couple of clicks to line up a split check with Divi Leads.

The practicality is integrated into the Divi Builder. All you have got to try to do is opt for that page part you’d prefer to check — for example, a button — then modify Divi Leads for that part. you’ll be able to then produce the second version of that part. The split testing tool can show one version to a little of your audience and therefore the different versions to a different phase of your guests.

Each split testing experiment incorporates a goal, like clicking on a link or visiting a selected page. Once the check starts gathering information, you’ll ascertain that the version of your page part has the best conversion rate.

With Divi Leads, you’re not restricted to only examination 2 versions of a page part. this allows you to check multiple variations to optimize your content. you’ll be able to additionally run multiple A/B tests at a similar time, creating it potential to optimize your entire website for the best goal conversion rates potential.

While you’ll be able to add this sort of practicality to your WordPress web site via a frenzied service, it’s rare to visualize it integrated into a topic like this.

If your web site was designed with an explicit goal in mind, whether or not that’s email opt-ins, product sales, contact type submissions, or maybe simply a lot of page views, the Divi Leads feature is a useful tool that’s terribly effective and straightforward to use.

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